Knocking on the door!

How important is it to knock on the right door?
Once on my birthday, my friends were all set to surprise me and they made a plan to surprise me. This was the plan: They would walk in my house at 12.00am and scream “Happy Birthday” to me.My roommat/a very close friend was in on this plan too and they all were set with their plan.My friends called my roommate and told her that they were sitting outside and asked if she could keep the door unlocked, so my roommate agreed. It was 12.00am and my roommate wished me a happy birthday. She kept going out and checking on something so I asked her what was happening. She didn’t reply and she kept on talking on the phone. Then she stood at the door. Now it was 12.15am and my friends entered in and did what they were supposed to do.They all were laughing because my friends were sitting outside the wrong door and they kept on knocking on the WRONG door and trying to open that door, but it was locked from inside! They kept on telling my roommate that she hadn’t unlocked the door!
So they could have been in trouble by knocking and trying to open the wrong door.
Just like this moment, God has told us that when we knock the door it will be open for us.

What is that door?
That door is the door of his love and eternal life.
Just like when my friends were lost my roommate stood at the door and called them again and again and gave them the address and the location.
When we are lost, God himself opens the door (which no one can close), stands outside and keep on calling our names, giving us the right address and directions. But sometimes we try to open and to knock on the door that is not for us.

This may relate to our lives sometimes. Just like the prodigal son, his father was waiting for him until he came back.
God waits for us until we come back to him. He is that loving father who stands at the door and if he sees us lost he starts calling us and giving us the address and directions. He keeps on waiting for us and calling us so that when we see him standing and waiting for us, we overflow with joy and with a peaceful smile on our face (just like my friends, when they saw my roommate they were so happy and peaceful)

Meet him at that right door because he says:
“I have open the door for you that no one can close.”
Revelation 3:8

Ask yourself:
“Am I knocking or trying to open the door where God is waiting for me?”

By: Karishma George

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