Mask, Mask am I rightly Hiding Behind you?

We all love different types of MASKS. We always seek to be someone else and want to do things like others do because many of us don’t want people to see who we really are. Many of us have gone through these questions in our life ones.
Who am I?
Am I what I do?
Am I what and how I feel?
Am I what others think of me?
And many more never ending questions!

To hide and to represent ourself to others we often wear a mask on our face. We hide what we are and how we feel about things.
We hide ourself behind the mask so the people around us can’t really know us.
We have masks to hide our…
Pride, Selfishness, Loneliness, rejections and righteousness

The masks we try to put on might be…
Anger, Love, Acceptance, social media and righteousness
And so on…

Behind the mask of Anger we often hide our feeling like loneliness, rejection and many other feelings.
Because we don’t want people to see our feelings so we usually find a mask of Anger.

Mask of Social Media
We wear a mask of social media because we want people to see what we want them to see but God doesn’t see what we want him to see, instead he sees in us what even we can’t see.
It says, if you lie about something over and over again even we ourselves start believing the lie as that’s the truth.

Why do we want to hide our righteousness?
In this “COOL” world we don’t want people to know our relationship with Christ because according to many people, religious people are not the right fit in the “COOL” groups and in this “COOL” world.

Long back I met a girl and she wanted to go to seminary but she always said, “I have no idea what I want to do”. One day when I got to hear that she wants to go to seminary I asked her, “why did u hide this?” She replied, “I don’t want my friends to know that I am too much into religion so that I can’t hangout with them because if they know that I am a religious person, they may stop calling me to hangout and they may laugh at me too.”

Are we embarrassed of God?
Is he embarrassed of us?

Even the mask of RIGHTEOUSNESS!

What is the mask of RIGHTEOUSNESS?
The mask which we usually wear at the Church around the people of God and no one can know that these people are wearing a mask on their face…

But when we start spending time with them, we often see that they pray very well. They may have a pretty good Biblical knowledge too but what about the relationship with Christ?

We know Christianity is not a religion it is a relation with Christ, so we don’t need to wear any type of mask. He accepts us as who we are!

Do you ever try to pretend to be someone else with your family or the people you love or people who love you?
No! Because we don’t need to do that,

Last year I met someone and when that person was leaving, I wrote her a letter (because I love to write letters to people I love) and I wrote a line in that, “Dear, I wish I was like you, so confident.” She could stand in public and could say things or whatever she wanted to say. When I met this person, I wondered about how this person is so confident about everything and can stand in public but is that what God wants me to do?
Does he want me to be her or to be me?

Of course God wants me to be me and he wants to accept me not someone else in me!
For how long, can I pretend to be someone else, not very long, right?

In Luke 12:2

The time is coming when everything that is covered up will be revealed, and all that is in secret will be made known to all.

There will be a time when everything will be revealed and nothing will be hidden too.

There is nothing which is hidden from God. We can’t hide anything from him.
He knows the real us but he still waits for us to remove the mask we are wearing and go back to him.
The mighty things can happen when we take the mask off and ask God to do his work in us.

I always say and I have even written that in my Bible:
“He doesn’t count my sins instead he counts me in those he loves!”

Let’s come to him with real us and let’s be the ones he wants us to be!

Let’s be who we are and come to God because he loves you as much as he love me or someone else!
His love is not partial.

Is there any mask we need to remove?
Are we even aware of the mask we have on our face?

Sit with God and talk to him about the mask you are wearing and why you are wearing that!

Find a Godly person (someone you can trust and share about the mask)

Let’s remove it and be ourself with God.


By: Karishma George

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